Gruner Veltliner -Old World Charm in a Bottle

I love good quality white wine.  This week I came across one of my favorite grapes in a discounted wine at Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store in Victoria.  The wine is called Singing Gruner Veltliner, (price reduced to 17.00).

SingingThis wine is medium to full bodied with a very nice long zippy finish. Gruner Veltliner is the most famous grape of Austria. This one is made by Laurenz Moser and his daughter Sophie, hence the label.  They call it Singing because of that nice finish that seems to sing in your mouth. I love this photo of the two of them in their vineyard.

LaurenzV and SophieWhat really struck me about this wine is its kind of laid back informality in the label and the name.  The first time I was truly introduced to the beautiful Gruner Veltliner grape it was in quite a different format.  One that to me signified the difference between the old world style of doing business and how business is usually conducted on the west coast of Canada.

A gentleman, (there is really no other word for him), came into Zambri’s to sell me wine.  This is not an unusual occurrence as I am the Sommelier there.  What was unusual was his appearance.  He was short of stature yet very formally dressed in a suit including shirt, vest and coat. He was Austrian with a pronounced accent.  Although he did not wear a Tyrolean hat, one would not have looked out of place on him,

Tyrolean Hat

He introduced himself very formally and politely asked if he could pour me a taste of his wine.  The day was very hot and during the course of the tasting he began to perspire slightly.  He then asked my permission for him to remove his jacket. Asked my permission!

Even though I usually only carry Italian wines I did bring his beautiful wines on my list for a time.  The wines were outstanding but what really struck me were his manners.  Old world style that shines through in wine that is naturally beautiful without showiness.  Wine that doesn’t leap out of the glass at you but rather allows you to savor it slowly.  Wine that improves and changes over time as you get to know it. Much like how relationships should progress. In business and elsewhere.

Ruminations on Rothko and the Meaning of Art

Rothko 1I have only every seen photographs of Mark Rothko’s paintings but I would love to see them in person.  A dream of mine would be to visit the Rothko room at the Tate Modern.  This is kind of unusual for me because I am usually not attracted to modern art.  But reading about Rothko and his philosophy of art has intrigued me. Alain de Botton who has written a book called Art as Therapy talks about sitting in the Rothko room as a teenager and being overwhelmed by a feeling that he did not really understand at the time.  Later in life he made the connection when reading the following answer that Rothko made when he was asked what was the meaning of his art. Rothko replied;

Life is difficult for you and for me.  My canvases are places where the sadness in you and the sadness in me can meet.  That way, we have a little less grief to deal with“.

To this end, Rothko donated nine of his paintings to the Tate Museum to be permanently displayed in such a way to allow this emotional connection between artist, art and viewer.

rothko_room_tate_modernThis fact is made more interesting by the history of these paintings which were originally commissioned by the Seagram Company to be displayed in the Four Seasons Restaurant in their newly built modernist building in Manhattan. In a famous move Rothko rejected the commission, (worth about two million in today’s currency), because he felt that the true meaning and value of his work would be lost in that world.  To Rothko, finishing a painting was just the beginning of the artistic process.  What happened after, how the painting was viewed, was crucial.

maquette for installation of seagram murals

As such Rothko was extremely fussy and controlling about how his paintings were hung.  Low to the floor, close together and in a space that was dimly lit was his preference. The Seagram Paintings are large, (he called them murals), and he wanted to bring the viewer into the interior of the painting in order to connect with its subject which, to Rothko, was the elemental emotions of the human experience.

Caravaggio is one of my favorite artists.  I have seen his paintings in books and in Art Galleries.  His work is so powerful I always find it striking, even in photographs. Nothing can compare, however, to the experience of seeing his work in the French church, San Luigi des Francesi in Rome.

The calling of St. Mathew -coin box

The Church is dimly lit and the paintings are in the very back.  They are clothed in darkness until you put a euro in the coin box and then a light comes on illuminating the trio.  They are all about the life of St. Matthew but The Calling of St. Matthew is my favorite. The church never seems to be crowded and I always feel I can stand there forever. Some argue that the lighting in the Church is too dim to truly appreciate the brushstrokes and details of these paintings but I love the feeling of the place.

The-Calling-of-Saint-Matthew_CaravaggioThe story is of Levi the tax collector who is summoned by Christ and leaves everything behind to follow him. The story takes place in a Custom house and Caravaggio skillfully illuminates the hand of Christ and the surprise on the face of St. Matthew.  Yet what is going on in the shadows, is equally illuminating. Jesus himself is hard to see, only his hand is illuminated.  Most of the people surrounding St. Matthew are in darkness simply going about their business oblivious to the drama going on in front of them. Caravaggio was known for his use of chiaroscuro, (light and shadow), for dramatic affect.

Whether you are a religious person or not, this painting tells a universal story.  Of those moments, really seconds in time, when we feel truly touched by something outside ourselves calling us to change.  We often are not even truly aware of what this is and those around us are usually completely unaware of what is happening.  These moments are astonishing but essentially private and inexplicable. Yet, if you let them, they can change your life.

Picpoul de Pinet -the best value around in a French Wine

Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet Languedoc France 2011

As I was scanning the shelves at Cascadia Liquor Store in Victoria B.C., my eye was caught by this wine.  My wife loves French Wines and I am always on the lookout for good value wines.  At $16.00 including tax this seemed like a very good price.  Not only that, but this wine is in their Best Buys section where you can get 5% off if you buy a case. (This is the Cascadia store in Uptown Mall, I am not sure if the same applies at all the stores.)

The wine is called Terre de Neptune and the grape in it is Pipoul.  It is from the Languedoc region in the south of France. and the AOC is called Picpoul de Pinet. We tried this wine as an aperitif and with our first course which was frutti di mare featuring clams, mussels, shrimp and octopus with farro grain which was an antipasti that I had taken home from Zambris, ( the restaurant where I work as a Sommelier). It was perfect!.  When steely cold right out of the fridge it was very refreshing but as it began to warm up it became more velvety and aromatic.  I think it could work really well with spicy food as well.Pic poulI realized as I picked this wine up, that the reason it caught my eye is because Picpoul was one of the grapes I was tested on when I took my Sommelier exam many years ago.  I have a funny feeling that I actually remember this name because I failed to get it right on the exam.  As a relatively obscure grape it just did not stay in my memory.  Now why do we more often remember our mistakes than our successes?  I couldn’t tell you the name of the grapes that I did remember.  Well, that is another blog.

How to Design a Sign

I am fascinated by the artistic process. Living with such a person gives me an opportunity to observe this up close and it is always so interesting to see how many, seemingly disparate, aspects come together in a completed project.  For example, we just installed a sign for the entrance to our studio which on the surface is a fairly mundane thing to do.

. Sign - 1

As you can see this sign is anything but mundane.  The idea first came up in a business meeting talking about ways to increase the visibility of our business.  We had decided to open to the public on Saturdays and wanted ways to become more noticeable to drive by traffic and we also wanted a clearly defined business entrance.

Initially we thought of a hand lettered sign on the side of our house, (which is also our studio), with perhaps some unique lighting to make it interesting.  So that was one idea.  At the same time Dita, (the artist in question), was designing a prototype of an owl house which in itself had come from the birdhouse design she had previously done.  Somehow the connection to houses for non human creatures and art turned into a design for an insect house.  An insect house is created in order to attract certain specific insects such as ladybugs which are beneficial to the garden. Of course an insect house designed by Dita is aesthetically appealing as well as functional.

Insect house

So how did an insect house become a sign?  Well we had a customer who had requested a sign for a rural property.  Dita had this beautiful cedar post and from somewhere came the idea of putting the lettering on the post but building an insect house to be installed on top both to increase visibility and add a practical component to the sign.  While that project is still pending, Dita took this original design and added lighting using the post to create this stunning entrance to our business.

photo-3Of course the installation skills, the joinery, the ability to hide electrical wires and the use of the right finish all come from years of experience in designing and building for the out of doors.  It starts with the spark or sparks of inspiration but requires true expertise for completion.  To me both the end product and the process itself are equally inspiring.


Run out and Buy this Wine

ramitello-di-majo-norante-2011-209469-label-1415129659Last week I described an incredible value wine from Di Majo Norante in Molise called Contado Aglianico.  This wine costs 24.99 but is well worth it as it is a Tre Bichierri wine which is the highest Italian Wine Award.  Much to my surprise I stumbled across another wine from the same producer which had dropped in price from 21.99 to 13.99! It is called Ramitello and it is a blend of Montepulciano and Aglianico.  I have had this wine on my list before and felt it was incredible value.  lt is rich and spicy with just enough structure to make it interesting. While it is not the blockbuster wine that the Contado is, it is a great wine to drink everyday with dinner. You can bet I am! Just one cautionary note.  This is the price I paid at Fort St. LDB in Victoria.  It is still listed as 21.99 on the website so this price is likely temporary.

Di Majo Norante

The View from my Backyard

photo of my yard 1This is the view from my backyard. Why does it please me so much? Something about the connection between the curves of the pond and the straight lines of the furniture.  The brightness of the red in the foreground mirrored by the same chair in green in the background.  The two areas seem inviting and social to me. They remind me of dinner parties and sitting around the fire pit.  This yard feels like a real place to me.  Not a posed place for a magazine but a place where people really live.  I even love the glimpse of the wheelbarrow in the background.  Yards involve work!

Full disclosure.  I co-own a business called Victoria Wood Studio and we design and build wooden furniture and structures for the out of doors.  So this is my backyard but in the fall we will open it to the public on Saturdays as a way for people to gain exposure to our work and even to sell some of the smaller items we make like these modern bird houses.Birdhouse HabitatBut I never want to look like a store.  My yard will always be busy, social and even slightly messy. But also truly beautiful.  A place for me to just hang out.  A place for us to entertain our friends.  And, on Saturdays, it will be a place for people to find out more about us and our work.