Run out and Buy this Wine

ramitello-di-majo-norante-2011-209469-label-1415129659Last week I described an incredible value wine from Di Majo Norante in Molise called Contado Aglianico.  This wine costs 24.99 but is well worth it as it is a Tre Bichierri wine which is the highest Italian Wine Award.  Much to my surprise I stumbled across another wine from the same producer which had dropped in price from 21.99 to 13.99! It is called Ramitello and it is a blend of Montepulciano and Aglianico.  I have had this wine on my list before and felt it was incredible value.  lt is rich and spicy with just enough structure to make it interesting. While it is not the blockbuster wine that the Contado is, it is a great wine to drink everyday with dinner. You can bet I am! Just one cautionary note.  This is the price I paid at Fort St. LDB in Victoria.  It is still listed as 21.99 on the website so this price is likely temporary.

Di Majo Norante

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