The View from my Backyard

photo of my yard 1This is the view from my backyard. Why does it please me so much? Something about the connection between the curves of the pond and the straight lines of the furniture.  The brightness of the red in the foreground mirrored by the same chair in green in the background.  The two areas seem inviting and social to me. They remind me of dinner parties and sitting around the fire pit.  This yard feels like a real place to me.  Not a posed place for a magazine but a place where people really live.  I even love the glimpse of the wheelbarrow in the background.  Yards involve work!

Full disclosure.  I co-own a business called Victoria Wood Studio and we design and build wooden furniture and structures for the out of doors.  So this is my backyard but in the fall we will open it to the public on Saturdays as a way for people to gain exposure to our work and even to sell some of the smaller items we make like these modern bird houses.Birdhouse HabitatBut I never want to look like a store.  My yard will always be busy, social and even slightly messy. But also truly beautiful.  A place for me to just hang out.  A place for us to entertain our friends.  And, on Saturdays, it will be a place for people to find out more about us and our work.

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