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Silver Finalists - Care Awards

Care Awards project, Passageway - St. John the DivineVWS entered it's project, Passageway - St. John the Divine in the category, Best Outdoor Living Space. The following is a project description;

Epiphany is a passageway installed in the courtyard of St. John the Divine Anglican Church on Quadra St. Located a few yards in from a busy street at the intersection of two paths, it is an invitation to leave behind the secular world and enter a reflective space.

St. John the Divine Entrance

The St. John's congregation wished to create a softer entrance through the garden door. It would need to be accessible and not strain the maintenance budget. It should encourage people to "re-enter" an old tradition in a new way. Yet it should harmonize with the historic church building and courtyard.

The designer echoed features found in the neo-Gothic architecture of the Church. Yet the use of curves in both the rafters and side panels and the clear cedar soften the concrete and brick exterior symbolizing new life. The lookout posts attached to each side add stability and connection to the earth. Gentle hammering on the posts and brackets further softens the structure.


Inside, there is a feeling of being held. The portals in the side panels encourage views of both the church building and the garden courtyard. Yet the repetitive use of five rafters and the waves in the side panels denote fluidity and passage. The crosses seem to reassure that faith will sustain the seeker throughout the journey. 

The passageway was built in the designer's workshop and installed on site. Traditional joinery was used for both strength and beauty. An environmental finish called Naturhaus ensures ease of maintenance and encourages touch. The openness of the design ensures accessibility.

Passageway - St. John the Divine

Much like the copper spire of the historic church, Epiphany acts as an invitation to all those who wish to enter into the light, to open to the presence of God.

Care Awards