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The Partnership

Dieuwertje, (Dita), and Frances von Aesch are the partners who own Victoria Wood Studio.  Dita designs and build a unique line of products for the out of doors and Frances manages online sales and studio visits.

Landscape Designer of the Year Award

Dieuwertje von Aesch

  Dieuwertje von Aesch Dieuwertje, (Dita), was born in Amsterdam but moved to Vancouver when she was six.  She grew up in East Vancouver but spent a lot of time in the Chilcotin and grew to love the oceans and mountain wilderness of Canada.  Yet she remains strongly influenced by her European Roots with its love of form and structure.

As a young woman she attended Vancouver School of Art, (now Emily Carr) where she explored both art and graphic design.  Later she added to her artistic training by completing both the Fine Furniture Program at Camosun College and the Artisan Program at the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking.  Dieuwertje's design style reflects her love of the west coast with her exclusive use of our native red cedar.  Yet her pieces are anything but rustic reflecting the European design sense that she loves.  Fundamentally she loves pieces with integrity so that how a product functions is just as important as how it looks.  This is crucial when you design pieces for the out of doors as they have to withstand all the elements.

Frances von Aesch

  Frances von Aesch Frances von Aesch is the business side of Victoria Wood Studio, but she is also a talented Sommelier and Restaurant Manager.  The two sides of her life complement each other as she knows the challenges of delivering a quality product.  Frances has a passion for business and a love for the creative side of being an entrepreneur.

As a young woman Frances graduated with a B.A. (Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge. Her research and writing skills have now been put to good use getting the word out about her unique company including entering competitions which have resulted in many awards in a short period of time.
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