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Victoria Wood Studio - Fine Gates & Passageways The following is a line of products sold in our studio. They are all designed and built by owner, Dieuwertje (Dita) von Aesch, guaranteeing the quality standards attached to our company. Dita is a trained furniture maker, and this is evidenced in the design and details of her work. She works primarily with cedar and each product has a top-quality exterior stain applied by hand. This ensures that everything you buy from us will have a unique look and a long life. In addition, we offer free local delivery for most products. All prices listed are subject to change due to the fluctuations in material costs. For our most recent product line  >> follow us on Instagram.


Victoria Wood Studio - Hairpin Leg Table


Hairpin Leg Table

A collaboration between Dita von Aesch Designer/Builder of Victoria Wood Studio and Phillip Bourque, Designer.

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Victoria Wood Studio - Modern Bird Houses


Modern Bird Houses

These birdhouses have sleek modern lines and are stained clear that is meant to fade to grey...

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Victoria Wood Studio - Furniture



Our new line of Indoor Outdoor Furniture is designed and built to withstand the elements but stylish enough to be used inside.

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Victoria Wood Studio - Drying Rack


Drying Rack

These clear cedar and oak drying racks are stylish enough to be stored in plain site but so functional they can hold an entire large load of laundry.

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Victoria Wood Studio - Joinery Boxes


Joinery Boxes

Excellent for storage and display these boxes were originally designed to fit on a bike rack.

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Victoria Wood Studio - Planters



This elegant line of planters are gorgeous accents in both a residential and commercial setting.

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