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Frances von Aesch works at Charelli's Cheese Shop. She previously worked as the Sommelier at Zambri's restaurant for over sixteen years. She and her wife also co-own a business called Victoria Wood Studio. She loves the place where her three passions intersect. This is what this blog is about.

Best Value Wine From Emilia Romagna

Poderi Dai Nespoli

Don’t ever go to Europe if you don’t want to deeply resent the price we pay in Canada for European wines.  I work as a Sommelier for Zambri’s restaurant and I have a passion for Italian wines.  I make it my mission to source out the best value I can find in a market where prices are inflated and taxes are so high.  In the process, of course, I find good wines that I can take home for dinner.  This week I have two wines for you, a white and a red from Poderi dal Nespoli a good producer from the Italian wine region of Emilia Romagna.  Many of you may have heard of this region as it is considered to the the food basket of Italy, but it is not as well known for its wines.

My house wines right now are called Nespolino.  The white is a blend of trebbiano and chardonnay, medium bodied and a great food wine, especially with spicier food.  The red is a blend of sangiovese and merlot.  Also medium bodied but with a pleasant fullness that is nice both with food and sipping after dinner.  At $10.25 per bottle these are the best deal around.  But here is the catch.  You will not find them on the shelf anywhere at this price.  At private wine stores you might find them prices at around $14.00 which is still pretty good.  However, I order them by the case from the BCLDB and that is how to get the $10.25 price.  You need to know the SKU which is 791558 for the white and 520833 for he red.  You can also order these at any government liquor store in B.C. My final tip? Order fast as big changes are coming on April 1 that could result in price increases across the board.