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St. John's Church

  St. John's Church Passageway Featured on the Back Page of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.
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This passageway was installed in 2007 in a church courtyard. Located just off a busy street, it invites people to leave behind the secular world and enter a more reflective space. It encourages people to “re-enter” an old tradition in a new way, yet it still harmonizes with the historic church building and courtyard.

Ms. von Aesch echoed features found in the neo-Gothic architecture of the church. Yet the use of curves in both the rafters and the side panels and the clear cedar soften the concrete and brick exterior, bringing new life. The lookout posts are installed in the ground which adds stability, symbolizing the ancient roots of the Christian tradition.

Inside there is a feeling of being held. The portals in the side encourage views of both the church building and the garden courtyard. 

Yet the repetition found in the rafters and the waves in the side panels denote fluidity and passage. The crosses seem to reassure, faith will sustain the seeker throughout the journey.

To reduce the impact on the landscape and ensure ease of maintenance, the project was built in the designer’s workshop and installed with two coats of an environmental finish.

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