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  Pergola This pergola, installed in 2009, adds interest to the back fa├žade of this contemporary home. The Designer found inspiration in the works of architects as diverse as Ron Thom and Bernard Maybeck, yet the end result is a structure uniquely her own. While the structure is quite massive it actually appears to float off the back of the house. The empty spaces in the eight by six posts create a feeling of airiness. This is enhanced by the floating panels on top which seem to lift the structure.

The designer needed to address several challenges on this project. She envisioned a rectangular structure but the patio was circular and the two pathways on either side did not line up. So, to compensate, she designed an asymmetrical pattern of posts.

She wanted the pergola to be free standing next to the house and the posts should not be installed in the ground as these rot more quickly, wasting a precious resource. So, she attached steel beams to the front posts and imbedded these in concrete creating enough strength to hold up the structure.

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