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Pender Island

  Pender Island Passageway This passageway, built in 2008, both contrasts and complements the natural landscape. The designer wished to frame the stunning ocean views without blocking them with a gate or arbor. So, she built panels on either side of the driveway flowing down to the home. 

The six by six posts of clear western red cedar are eight feet tall to stand up to the tall cedar trees lining the drive. The carved tops add a deeper texture and capture the light transforming the posts into beacons.

Inspired by stone, the panels are textural, when approached from the side the rails form pieces of an intricate puzzle with the forest glimpsed through the gaps. In the centre, end grain pieces look like ancient stone tablets. These tablets are blank, speaking to a deeper self.

The overall design creates a sophisticated contrast to a forest setting. It proves a welcoming beacon to friends and family. It encourages them to slow down and make the transition from the outside world to this tranquil Island setting.

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