Value is not Based on Price

T0003520_contado1The best value wines are not always the least expensive.  But price is also no guarantee of quality.  As with anything it is based on what the market or the perceived market will pay. When it comes to wine, you and I are the market, and we need to show the powers that be that we can make good choices about value. It has long been my goal at Zambri’s and else where to de-mystify the world of Italian Wine so that we can take advantage of some of the great deals out there.

My wine tip this week is about a great wine called Contado Aglianico.  At 24.99 per bottle it is not as inexpensive as the wine I recommended last week but it is exceptional value and I will tell you why.  There is a wine rating system in Italy which rates wines as uno, due or tre bichierri. (This translates as one, two or three glasses).  Tre Bichierri is the highest Italian wine award.

The 2009 vintage of the Contado Aglianico from Di Majo Norante has achieved Tre Bichierri.  So this makes the wine cost of $24.99 an incredible deal.  If this wine was from a more well known producer and region it could easily cost ten times that much.  The Contado is produced by Di Majo Norante in a region called Molise in the Central South of Italy.  The wine is made from 100% Aglianico which is a powerhouse grape grown mainly in the south of Italy.

This is a wine to drink today, (I recommend decanting to soften the tannins), but could easily be aged for ten or more years.  As with my previous posts, this wine is not available on the shelves locally as far as I have seen.  So the only way to purchase it is by the case.  You can order it from any government liquor store. The CSPC code for this one is 535732.  Take advantage of it now as you never know how long these wines will stay in the system.

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