It’s hard to write about yourself

Many of you know me from Zambris restaurant. I came to Zambri’s sixteen years ago, they hired me straight out of Sommelier school, showing great confidence in me as I had not yet graduated and at that time there was an a very high failure rate in the course. But I graduated, scoring 100% in the blind tasting something that is my proudest accomplishment to date. But who was I before this?

Well, I am not going to bore you with a long bio but I will give you 5 interesting facts about myself that I think give you a little more than just a peek at who I am.

My first job was at a Husky Truck Stop in Pincher Creek Alberta. Yes, the town was actually named after a pair of pinchers lost in a creek. Ask me more about this the next time you see me at Zambris.

I have changed my name twice. I am now called Frances Bean von Aesch. Von Aesch is my married name. Can you guess where the Bean comes from?

I graduated with a degree from the University of Lethbridge one of the only liberal arts universities in Canada. Although it never resulted in a job it changed my life. I went from never reading a paper to joining the Communist Party. (Please note, I am no longer a member quitting just before my all expense paid trip to Russia!)

I have spoken to the United Nations about information I gathered about student rights violations in Chile in in the 80’s. At the time I was very active in the student movement in Canada and I was the compromise choice of rival factions who were fighting over which candidate to send. I won by default and the trip truly opened my eyes to a world outside of southern Alberta

I own a design/build woodworking business with my dutch born wife Dita von Aesch and I am passionate about art and architecture, particularly the paintings of Rembrandt and van Gogh. Although I am no longer a Communist, I believe the buildings we live (and work!) in and the beauty we surround ourselves with is a powerful force for change.


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