Is it the Wine or the Experience?

ristorante street view

This is the Ristorante Sant’Anna in Rome.  This was our favorite spot right around the corner from our apartment on Via Santa Anna.  We had many meals there and of course drank wine with those meals.  But I could not tell you what wine we drank, only that the overall experience was so perfect that it stays with me still.

This restaurant is in a very narrow alleyway.  We always sat outside and enjoyed the sensation as cars and scooters rushing by us within a few feet of our table.  We always felt welcomed there after a day of sightseeing.  It was shady and cool and the food and the wine always tasted delicious.

Yet I am not sure if I even remember the dishes we had let alone the wine.  I am sure I mostly ordered the house wine which was probably sangiovese if it was red and perhaps trebbiano if it was white.  In the “foodie” world and culture we live in it seems we must photograph and record or otherwise document everything we put in our mouth.  To me there is no better way to kill my enjoyment than to have to record what I am eating.

Of course the world of wine is interesting.  Analyzing wine is what I do for a living and I also enjoy teaching and talking about it.  Yet at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is the pleasure we take from a delicious meal served in an alleyway in the heart of one of the most amazing cities in the world.  I hope I never get to busy recording to stop enjoying. And I hope my customers remember their experience at Zambri’s in the same way.

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