My House Wine

Gruner VeltlinerMy customers at Zambri’s often ask me what is my favorite wine and what is my personal house wine.  There are often two different answers to these questions.  Due to the ridiculously high rate of taxation on alcohol in British Columbia I can not always drink my favourite wine on a daily basis.  Wine costs in this province are often too high for this.  But this Gruner Veltliner , (Count Karolyi), that I am drinking right now is truly both.  At $9.49 a bottle (before tax), it is really great value.  Yet it is a well made medium bodied white which works really well with the spicier food that I like to eat.  Tonight I am going to have it with Chicken Everest, a roast chicken served in a ginger, garlic, garam masala marinade.

szekszardiThis red wine by Szekszardi would also work with this dish.  Medium bodied with good acidity and not tannic so you can pair it with spicy foods and with chicken or even fish.  I had it last night with some farmers cheese and concord grapes and although you would think it might be too light for this pairing the bright acidity really held its own with the cheese.  The grape in this wine is Kekfrankos which is a typical red grape from Hungary.  I have written before about the incredible value in Hungarian Wines and this is a great example.  The Austro-Hungarian Empire still rules in my house!


Both these wines are available at Fort and Foul Bay Liquor Store.

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