We’re Open

photoToday we are open.  What does it mean?  Although we sell product we are not a store.  Our studio is in our home and our product is mostly displayed in our back yard.  Sometimes it feels odd to have people, potential customers, in a space that is so intimately ours.  Last weekend this yard was the site of our annual Summer Solstice party. It was full of all our friends wearing wreaths and making toasts.

5-730-3429.flowerwreath.mThis week the same space is where we chose to showcase our products and talk to people about our work.  Although sometimes it is hard to invite strangers into your space, there is a definite upside to this. Most of the work we do is custom and the process we enter into with people must be based on mutual trust.  What better way to start this process than to meet in our studio space surrounded by examples of past work.

photo of store

Air Plant artLast week we sold this insect house to a customer who decided it was the perfect frame for an air plant.  We love this look!

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