Creature Houses Need Not be Rustic

Little creatures need homes but why do they all have to be so rustic?  My partner Dita has tackled this problem head on with a range of creature houses that are anything but.  Birdhouse Stacked 2First she designed bird houses that are so unique and functional they are a pleasure to view but provide a safe and happy home for a nest of baby birds in our back yard.  So what is different about our design? Well first, she uses clear cedar and adds design details like square holes and a cantilevered roof.  The front door swings open for ease of cleaning and the houses come stained in two different finishes, clear and either green or red.

Birdhouse Closing

But she did not stop here.  What about Owls? What about Insects?  Why should they suffer with unattractive housing?

owl house

Insect houseNot only are these designs safe and functional but they provide a delightful piece of art to view in your garden.  The insect houses above are awaiting their stuffing.  That is the pine cones, moss and underbrush that make them desirable to insects.  Once ready they will be on sale Saturdays from 11-3 in our Studio located at 2221 Fernwood Rd. in Victoria B.C. We will be opening Studio Hours on Saturdays starting on June 20, 2015.  Entrance is on Denman St. You will know you are in the right place when you see this sign.

Insect house

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