Seriously Good Sangiovese

Di-Majo-Norante-Sangiovese........._thumbThis is my favourite Sangiovese right now.  It is produced by Di Majo Norante which is a winery in Molise in the Center South of Italy.  Those of you who have read this blog before know that I have mentioned several of their other wines.  Wines from this region are of high quality and fairly inexpensive in the British Columbia market. So no wonder I love them.

Sangiovese is the most commonly planted red grape varietal in Italy.  There is great variation in climate from North to South Italy so most grapes only do well in certain regions.  Sangiovese is a more adaptable variety and so can thrive in different climates.  It is most commonly known as the grape of Tuscany being predominant in Chianti and many Super Tuscans.

Molise is quite a bit farther south and here the wine takes on a lushness not typical in an entry level wine from Tuscany.  On Tuesday at Zambris where I work as a Sommelier we are featuring this and four other wines from Molise and the neighboring region of Abruzzo.  Our guest for this evening will be Carmen d’ Onofrio Jr. who owns Stile wine company that imports this and many other fantastic Italian Wines.


Carmen’s father came from Molise and his mother came from Abruzzo.  They immigrated to Canada as many other southern Italians did to find a better life.  Stile wines was one of the first wine agencies in British Columbia to recognize the quality and value of wines from the south of Italy.  In fact the two wineries represented at our dinner, Di Majo Norante and Cantina Tollo from Abruzzo were the first two wineries represented by Stile.  And they are still represented twenty four years later!

You can buy this Sangiovese at many of the Government Liquor Stores in Victoria.  I buy mine at Fort and Foul Bay.  It sells for $13,99 before tax.

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